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              SieMatic ID Days 2019

              The long-term "Forum" becomes the "Interior Design Days" in the 90th company year

              A breath of fresh air for the 90th company anniversary: SieMatic started the "Interior Design Days" with numerous guests, a great atmosphere and some changes. For many years the in-house fair was known as the "SieMatic Forum" every year as part of the MOW. The new name illustrates both the reality in the premium kitchen market and SieMatic's claim to create living worlds rather than kitchens. Many international trade visitors are expected until 19 September, when they are invited to inform themselves about the latest innovations in the showrooms of the "August-Wilhelm Siekmann-Forum". Of course, the SieMatic Interior Design Days will also be used to celebrate the anniversary extensively.

              Special honours for long-standing partners and the winner of the ID Contest, which was held for the first time, will soon be reported.