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              SieMatic Flagship in Madrid

              "SieMatic by Iconno" as highlight of SieMatic showroom design


              Located in the prestigious shopping district Barrio de Salamanca, the "Golden Mile" of Madrid, the new flagship "SieMatic by Iconno" was launched in July. With more than 400 m2 of studio area, two floors, and generous glass facades more than 5 meters high, SieMatic presents the three style collections PURE, URBAN, and CLASSIC in the Spanish capital, together with the impressive Italian designer furniture of the cooperation partner "Poltrona Frau".

              Architect Perry Hanssen characterizes the Madrid flagship, currently the absolute leading edge of SieMatic showroom design, as follows: “The showroom is not a showroom. It is designed as a lifestyle experience. We display apartments to show different styles of interior solutions to reflect your personality. We use this experience to mirror yourself and guide the customers through the landscape of possibilities of interior solutions. The kitchen is the social hub in our homes. This is the place where we enjoy and celebrate life together. As wall’s are opening up and spaces merges together we see kitchens as the new design furniture”.